Over the holidays we will run several workshops for the gymnasts to try out. All our workshops are for a duration of 1 hour and are £15 each.

Beginner workshop- (4+ years) focus on the basics of gymnastics. This workshop is for gymnasts who haven't got much experience in gymnastics. We will focus on skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, headstands handstands and bridges.

Walkover Workshop- (Must be able to bridge with head off the floor). This workshop delivers many progressions and activities for the gymnasts to try and learn how to forward and backward walkover.

Back-Handspring Workshop- (Must be able to bridge and backbend confidently). This full workshop is dedicated to preparations, flexibility, strength and condfience needed to perform a Back-handspring.

Tumble Workshop (8+ years) This workshop is for the more advanced gymnast. In this workshop they will get the opportunity to work on skills like; round offs, back handsprings, forward handsprings, side and forward aerials and somersaults. This workshop will give the gymnasts conditioning and stretching exercises they can continue out side of class to help progress these skills quicker.

These skills take a lot of time to learn so you must have the determination to work on the side stations and preps to help gain confidence and the correct techniques to be able to master the harder skills of gymnastics.

These Workshops only run in the holidays so please follow our website and Facebook for updates.

Class Details

  • Coach: All Coaches
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Price: £15.00 per session
  • Venue: John Mason School

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